Tuesday, February 12, 2013

May 2012 Level Testing

Greetings everyone!

A huge congratulations to all the students from last year's summer level testing especially to those students who moved up the rank to Kung Fu Student.  Here are some snapshots from the impressive day. =D

















A special congratulations to the following students that moved up the rank to Kung Fu Student:

Adrian Duron

Alexis Reddy

Andre Garcia

Ayden Dang

Brandee Adams

Cara Hinojosa

Cilicia Duron

Derek Vollmar

Ernesto Maldonado

Estevan Torres
(Missing Photo)

Forrest Jansen
(Missing Photo)

Hien Ngo

James Chiu
(Missing Photo)

Joey Hinojosa

Leo Palacios

Michael Brevelle

Phoenix Huddleston

Priscilla Limin Zhu
(Missing Photo)

William Ngo

Zechariah Poelma

As always, First and Second Master couldn't be prouder of all your hard work and dedication. Please continue to work hard as your training will only get more challenging the higher you move up in rank.

~ ASKF Staff

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