Friday, February 7, 2014

December 2013 Level Testing

This past December we had our year-end level testing for the students of American Shaolin Kung Fu!  2nd Master Feng and I continue to be very proud of everyone who continues to put forth the effort in their testing.  Here are some snap shots of the level testing for you to enjoy.  Be sure to scroll all the way down to see the students that progressed to the next level of their training!





We would like to recognize and congratulate the 6 students that moved up to the next rank in their training. You all worked very hard and deserved your new uniforms!  The following students attained the rank of Kung Fu Student:
 Nicholas Garza

Olando Cormier
 Olando Cormier, Jr.
 Kevin Garcia
 Savion LeVasseur
Aria Lam

Once again, the students of American Shaolin Kung Fu had 4 of their peers move from Kung Fu Student to Kung Fu Warriors. In order for a student to transition from Kung Fu Student to Kung Fu Warrior, much dedication to their training and discipline had to take place.  As such, Second Master Feng and I are very proud of the students that pushed themselves to this level.  A huge congratulations to the following students for your accomplishments:
Curt Jones


Nora Duron


Elisa Vivar

Rebeca Vivar


                                  Congratulations, you 4! Be ready to train harder than ever!!