Saturday, June 1, 2013

May 2013 Level Testing

Hello everyone!

This past weekend we held our semi-annual level testing for the students of American Shaolin Kung Fu and had another amazing testing!  2nd Master Feng and I are very proud of everyone who continues to put forth the effort into their testing.  We'd also like to give a huge thanks to the parents of our students for their support.  The school was packed with family supporting our students!

Here are some snap shots of the level testing for you to enjoy.  Be sure to scroll all the way down to see the students that progressed to the next level of their training. 

Keep up your training everyone (especially during the summer vacation)!







Also, we had 9 students move up to the rank of Kung Fu Student and wanted to give a special congratulations to:

                                                         Abigail Jeyaraj
Arnav Gaitonde
Bill Wang
Christian Davey
Drew Fasthoff
Kendrah Su
Manning Ngo
(Picture Missing)
Jordan Del Olmo
(Picture Missing)
Leonardo Gil-Samanez
(Picture Missing)
In addition to the 9 students that moved up the rank to Kung Fu Student, we also had another student move up the rank to Kung Fu Warrior. This student was one of our first students to join us at American Shaolin Kung Fu that has been dedicated to his training from the beginning and is now the second to become a Kung Fu Warrior.  2nd Master Feng and I are very proud of him. To attain the rank of Kung Fu Warrior means a deeper level of understanding and dedication to your training must take place in order to succeed and this student attained just that.

We would like to officially congratulate John Melancon on his achievement of Kung Fu Warrior!  Please offer a warm congratulations when you see John in the school sporting his new blue uniform!  Congratulations, John - be ready to train even harder than ever!