Saturday, September 27, 2014

May 2014 Level Testing

Hello everyone,

I fear some apologies are in order for the long delay in posting pictures of our last level testing (as well as congratulating those students who moved up to the next level of their training). I'm sorry it's taken this long to post the pictures. But, without further ado, here are the images from May's level testing. Warning: there's a lot of pictures!!

A huge congratulations to everyone, especially those who moved up to Kung Fu Student and Kung Fu Warrior. We now have 12 students that have attained the rank of Kung Fu Student and 4 that moved up to Kung Fu Warrior. I  know its a bit late but, please congratulate them the next time you see them. They worked extremely hard to get to this level. Scroll down to the pictures below to see the names of those students.

To all students: First and Second Master are extremely proud to be your Shifus and cannot wait to see you all move on to the next levels of your training. It is great students like you that give the masters their passion for teaching.

Enjoy your pictures!



We would like to recognize and congratulate the 12 students that moved up to the next rank of their training. Every one of you worked very hard and deserved your new uniforms. The following attained the rank of Kung Fu Student:
Matthew Mullins
  Keaton Dang

William Leung

 Teddy Lin
David Yu

Manning Ngo

 Kate Lun
 Jonathan Kao
Kirsten Ashton
Made Atkins

Kenny Tang

 Adam Cempa
Once again, the students of American Shaolin Kung Fu had 4 of their peers move from Kung Fu Student to Kung Fu Warriors. In order for a student to transition from Kung Fu Student to Kung Fu Warrior, much dedication to their training and discipline had to take place.  As such, Second Master Feng and I are very proud of the students that pushed themselves to this level.  A huge congratulations to the following students for your accomplishments:
Hien Ngo
Carlos Carrillo, Jr.
Leo Palacios

Michael Brevelle (second from left)

A huge congratulations to you all. Second Master Feng and I are extremely proud of you guys and can't wait to see you grow in your training!