Friday, January 29, 2016

May 2015 Level Testing & 1st Kung Fu Disciple!!

Good day, everyone!

Here are the pictures from May 2015's Level Testing. Please forgive the delay but we want to give the students the proper recognition they deserve for all their hard work and, subsequently, their achievements as a result of their hard work.  The Masters continue to be proud of their student's dedication towards their training and work hard to continue being great Masters to their great students.  A great thank you to everyone who pushes harder every class and goes home to practice what they've learned.


We would like to recognize and congratulate the 20 students that moved up to the next rank of their training. Every one of you worked very hard and deserved your new uniforms. The following attained the rank of Kung Fu Student:
Cristian Valencia

Ryan Riepel

Rishi Kadakia
Emily Villalobos

Erika Villalobos

Paulina Rojas

Victoria Rojas

Isabella Vidal

Jacob McLemore

Sebastian Rodriguez

Roberto Rodriguez

Claudina Vargas

Terence Tan

Nicholas Altman

Tristian Ho

Nabeel Bangash

Hong Yuan
Emmanuel Ruiz

Mythily Kalra
We had another round of students move up to Kung Fu Warriors. These students took the challenge of working harder in their training and succeeded. Second Master Feng and I are very proud of the students that pushed themselves to this level.  A huge congratulations to the following 7 students for your accomplishments:
Brandee Huddleston

Collins Nguyen

Danielle Nguyen

Matthew Nguyen

Michelle Miyaoka
Justice Robinson

Brian Buitrago

Last, but certainly not least, we have huge news to announce. This past May the Masters of American Shaolin Kung Fu accepted their oldest student as their first Kung Fu Disciple. She will now dedicate her time to achieving Master Level. She has showed endless dedication, respect, discipline, and passion towards her training as well as to the Masters. American Shaolin Kung Fu is proud to have her lead our students. Please congratulate Jenny Pless for achieving the rank of Kung Fu Disciple under the guidance of 1st and 2nd Master Shi Yan Feng.
The Masters and school are so very proud of you, Jenny. We are honored to have you as our student as you display great examples to our students on dedication, passion, and respect. Congratulations!!!!