Sunday, August 5, 2012

Legends of Kung Fu Tournament and Performance

Hello again!

For those of you that were unable to attend the Legends of Kung Fu Tournament and Master's Demo last weekend, you missed a great show!

As always, the students of American Shaolin Kung Fu brought their best to the competition and made our school proud once again.  They competed in various divisions and placed in the following categories:

Jenny Pless: 5 Gold, 1 Silver
Nora Duron: 1 Gold, 1 Silver
Rebeca Vivar: 2 Bronze
Elisa Vivar: 1 Gold, 1 Silver
Heather Davey: 1 Bronze
Derek Fung: 2 Silver
Faez Kamal: 1 Gold
Carlos Carrillo: 1 Silver
Hien Ngo: 2 Gold
Ernesto Maldonado: 2 Gold
Derek Vollmar: 1 Silver
Phoenix Huddleston: 1 Gold, 1 Silver
Emily Wang: 1 Gold
Michelle Miyaoka: 1 Gold
Bill Dang: 1 Gold
Bill Wang: 1 Silver
Brandee Adams: 2 Gold
Ivan Mendoza: 2 Gold
1 Gold for Group Performance by: Nora Duron, Rebeca Vivar, Elisa Vivar, Brandee Adams, Heather Davey, and Isabel Fung


One of our students was injured in the tournament. Derek was injured during his San Da match. We wish him a speedy recovery and know that you did an amazing job. Master Feng was so proud of your performance.

I also wanted to take time right now to thank our very talented photographer and his wife.  Gary & Marian Hanvy have been so kind as to take pictures of our events to share with you all on this blog.  They are very talented photographers and we are very grateful to have them photograph our events.  Thank you Gary and Marian!! :-) (P.S. Next time, we'll snap pics of you both.)

Our Master's Demo was fantastic and we received many compliments from fellow kung fu practitioners and spectators.  The performance was choreographed amazingly and you all did such an amazing job executing it.  If you missed it, please visit our YouTube link to see the video!

Thank you to everyone who competed, participated, and supported us in this year's Legends of Kung Fu!