Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 21st & 28th Level Testing Photos

Greetings Students,

2nd Master Feng and I wanted to share pictures from this year's semi-annual level testing and extend a huge congratulations to all of you.  Again, your hard work and focus to your training was evident throughout your testing and we couldn't be prouder.  Thank you for all your devotion to the perfection of your kung fu.  We are honored to be your teachers.

Commencement of Level Testing

 Children's Level Testing



 Teen's Level Testing

Adult's Level Testing


Tai Chi Testing

We also had 4 more students move up to the next rank of Kung Fu Student.  A special congratulations goes out to the following students:

Ryan Landrito

Curt Jones

John Melancon

Jaden Dapilmoto

All the best,

First and Second Master Feng

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