Saturday, July 16, 2016

December 2015 Level Testing and 2nd Kung Fu Disciple!!

Okay, we are almost caught up on the Level Testing pictures!!

Here are the pictures from our Year End Level Testing pictures. We had many students move up in rank and added an additional student as a Kung Fu Disciple under the Masters of American Shaolin Kung Fu.  Things just keep becoming more and more exciting for our school, the Masters, as well as our students. Words cannot express just how proud your Masters are of you all. Your dedication to your training is evident through your daily progress you show in class and during the level testing. Keep up the good work!

Here are the students that moved up to the next level in their training and will be wearing a new uniform.  Congratulations to you all!

Here are our new Kung Fu Students:

Ryan Riepel

 Gabriel Consolacion

Alexander Wang

 Jamie Do

 Jason Do

 Hailey Phan

 Mathew Phan

 Katelyn Phung

Jenifer Millary

Jesse Phung

Carter Capoy

 Lauren Phung

 Evangeline Su

(Not Pictured:)

Claudine Rodriquez
Nicholas Vu

Here are our new Kung Fu Warriors:

Jordan Del Olmo

Jackie Mullins

Arnav Gaitonde

Manning Ngo

Another disciple! John Melancon was the 2nd student to be accepted as First and Second Master Shi Yan Feng's disciple. He will be dedicating his time and efforts towards achieving his Master Level of Kung Fu. Congratulations, John!!

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