Thursday, January 28, 2016

December 2014 Level Testing

Hello everyone,

While it may take me some time to post up pictures from the Level Testings, rest assure that they will get posted and the students will get the recognition they deserve. I'm sorry it's taken this long to post the pictures and I will try harder not to let too much time lapse next time. 

A huge congratulations to everyone, especially those who moved up to Kung Fu Student and Kung Fu Warrior. We had 9 students that have moved up to the rank of Kung Fu Student and 9 that moved up to Kung Fu Warrior. Scroll down below to see the names and photos of those students.

To all students: First and Second Master are extremely proud to be your Shifus and cannot wait to see you all move on to the next levels of your training. It is great students like you that give the masters their passion for teaching.




We would like to recognize and congratulate the 12 students that moved up to the next rank of their training. Every one of you worked very hard and deserved your new uniforms. The following attained the rank of Kung Fu Student:
Sonia Millary
Josh Cheng
Landon Geronimo
Jerry McLemore
Gabriel Lawrence
Amanda Fu
Meridian Ashton
Brian Nguyen
(Picture unavailable)
Nidhi Bhakta
Once again, the students of American Shaolin Kung Fu had 9 of their peers move from Kung Fu Student to Kung Fu Warriors. In order for a student to transition from Kung Fu Student to Kung Fu Warrior, much dedication to their training and discipline had to take place.  As such, Second Master Feng and I are very proud of the students that pushed themselves to this level.  A huge congratulations to the following students for your accomplishments:
Zechariah Poelma
Breck Sheldon

Jeffson Atienza
Phoenix Huddleston
Kim Dang
Heather Davey
Ayden Dang
Cilicia Duron
Adrian Duron

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