Wednesday, January 4, 2012

December 2011 Level Testing

A huge congratulations to all of our students that tested (and passed) this year end's Level Testing. Your hard work and dedication to your training was evident throughout your testing. Everyone did a wonderful job and Second Master Feng and I are very proud of each of you. 

Here are pictures from this year's level testing for all to see and enjoy.

Additionally, this year we had 24, yes 24, students move up the rank to Kung Fu Student. This was, by far, our largest group moving up to the next level. Words cannot express just how proud we are of each of you. It is because of your desire to train hard that you were successful. Below is a list of all the students who moved up to the next level. Job well done to you all!!!

The 24 students who moved on to the next rank of Kung Fu Student:

Jadyn Thai

Melitza Him

Jocelyn  Thai

Wai-Shan Lee

Nora Duron

Rachel Go

Bryan Hoang

Tommy Tieu
 Courtney Chan

Carlos Carrillo

 Matthew Kurniawan

Alec Chan

Christian Lundeman

Ivan Mendoza

Rebeca Vivar

 Daphne Vo

Elisa Vivar

Jimmy Tran

Isabel Fung

Aayush Perecharla

Derek Fung

Breck Sheldon

Vinay Kantak

Katrina Wong


Another huge congratulations to all our students. You all continue to make us proud to be your Masters!

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