Thursday, April 21, 2011

Heather's MS 150 Challenge

Hey everyone,

This past weekend, Heather had an MS 150 bike challenge where she rode for 190 miles (yes, 190 miles) in an effort to raise much needed funds for multiple sclerosis.  Not only did she complete the ride, but she also raised $695 that go will towards treating and curing patients with multiple sclerosis.

Her hard work and dedication towards this challenge was supported by the students of American Shaolin Kung Fu.  Below is a portion of her email she sent me that I really wanted to share with the students in her class (as well as everyone else) to show how supportive we are to one another;

"Wanted to thank you Master Feng, Second Master Feng and my girls in Kung Fu Class.  I truly believe Kung Fu helped me tremendously while riding both physically and mentally.  The girls in my Kung Fu class are the best of women, they were very encouraging and believe me I felt their prayers good energy as I was riding."

Congratulations Heather for your dedication to making a change in 
people's lives and for sharing your wonderful story with us.  Keep on doing what you're doing!

All the best,

Master Feng

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